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Please note that this page is used for ordering Fantasy Football Assistant 2022 Stats using PayPal. Note that the program itself is now freeware, you only pay for the stats.

***** Important ***** Please Read ***** Important *****

Please note that the account setup process is NOT automated and I have to manually enter your account information (user name/password). So I have to wait to receive an email from PayPal confirming your payment and then I will set you up and if I'm not home it may be a while before you get set up. I will send an email to you when you are set up to receive stats.

Fantasy Football Assistant Stats ($60.00)

User Name for stats
Password for stats   (must be 7 characters long - do NOT include any special characters @, #, $, %, / )

For tech support or to check on the status of an order or information about FFA, please contact me (see Contact Info).

Last Updated: June 6, 2022